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If you are looking for a wedding band, musicians or musical ensemble event I write a few words what this band really is and how it is built. This article reviews the basic musical concepts do not always bother to explain them. For some of you will be familiar things clear, and I hope that for those a bit confused by the article will help to tidy mind.

Concepts band musical ensemble and often used interchangeably as expressions persecuted, and in fact the meaning of these concepts are similar (Which are using oxycodone or hydrocone). To me, a musical composition is a little more general concept that is not associated with a certain style or a certain instrument. The concept of a band, however, is identified with the typical band structure of jazz styles, rock and pop. The band typically consists of a large number of people, even three or four are sufficient to produce the fundamentals of music – melody, harmony and rhythm.


Melody, or melody is the most prominent element in music, the first thing that most people listen to him when they hear a piece of music. Main responsible for the melody in the band is also known as a vocalist, it was found on the front of the band or B”front “. English is also known as lead melody, ie the part that leads the music and composition. Melody in the band can be carried out by the vocal singing of the singers or instrumental by instruments. Therefore, the composition includes only instruments without vocals is also known as an instrumental composition. Concept vehicle vocal however is not commonly used to indicate any musical ensemble that includes poetry, but the composition of which is entirely poetry, entirely or mostly made ​​up of singers and / or singers filling the elements of various musical meaning not only melody but also harmony (accompaniment) and the rate .

Such melodic instruments are used primarily or exclusively for playing melodies, as opposed to harmonic-tools or tool pace, I will refer to them immediately. There are signature is melodic instruments (field notes) higher and their lower and higher usually more common tools leading dancers. Among the different families of instruments, woodwind soloists are particularly prevalent because they are closer in character to the sound of singing and can play a similar role. Typical brass bands are saxophone, trumpet and flute. Clarinet melody is also an important tool for certain styles, and we must not forget the violin family of string instruments, which is a prominent melodic and extremely popular.


Tools harmonious able to play a few notes at a time (chords) and create a melody accompanying it supports and enriches the “frequency domain” of the band. Tools harmonic bands are characteristic of the piano and guitar, whether acoustic or electric form. No band Tool will create a harmonious sound “low” relative to that we are used to it, but in certain situations also used such compositions. Harmonious tools are like glue “provided by the band’s middle frequency range and connects it all together.


Rate tools are often no defined pitch therefore can not be used at all melodic or harmonic tools. Tool band most typical rhythm drum set is actually a combination of several drums and cymbals common rhythms needed to play popular music. Thick drum set musical composition and adds it life and movement. Band with a drum set and a recital is the most stylistically and can be used for both music and dance music or art more solid. Vehicle without a drum set would be a generalization solid character and less “flexible” Stylistically, but of course that there are many exceptions. Music ensembles requires some additional rate tool to play drums and percussion player joins with a complete set of tools more pace sizes and types. The most common percussion percussion bands are Latin rhythms (Cuban and Brazilian), and furthermore, we Nitklim many African percussion and Middle Eastern. Band rock / pop / jazz percussion are solely typically add more “color” and “miloi “to the rhythmic drums and are intended solely to replace it, but some percussion ensembles can certainly be sufficient only in the area of ​​rhythm.

Defeat role

There is a particularly important role in most music does not get his due honor, but without most of the music we know can not exist. This function is called bass. The role usually played bass instruments such as bass low, Electric Bass (“Bass Guitar”) and also some good styles belonging to the family of brass. Defeat actually combines elements of the three elements of music – melody, harmony and rhythm. Role is basically melodic bass, is kind of melody composed sounds played one after another. On the other hand this function is used as an accompaniment that provides the low sounds chord and thus plays a role in Harmony. role of the bass is also usually very rhythmical and compatible rhythms play musical rhythm, and in this sense it plays a component rhythmic (rhythmic) composition. band structure typical features necessarily tool bass and a band without a bass would be considered, in principle, composition of musical smaller. Defeat is also a link between the tools harmonic band to the drums. playing drums in a band without a bass almost always produces a sound “no”, a “pit” that needs filling. band bass and drums are like building foundations, are the pillars of which are based other band instruments. harmonic instruments such as building walls are closing it and give it shape.

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